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This site is for historical purposes at this time. Dr. Jim now works solely as a Child Custody Evaluator / Forensic and Clinical Psychologist--See


Personal Injury

Personal Injury cases have become more and more complex over the past decade or so. This complexity has to do with insurance reimbursement issues which drive personal injury cases especially when a personal injury case involves Medicare or Medi-Cal (i.e. the Department of Health Care Services).

It is important to get an experienced and dedicated attorney on your case as early as possible. Often people underestimate their damages and neglect insurance issues when settling a case without an attorney. This results in very unpleasant realities when one's injuries turn out to be greater than what was settled for, or, when an insurance company sues for a medical lien that was neglected.

Call me for a confidential consultation. Our discussion is protected under the attorney client privilege. (951) 781-8985.

Family Law


Having an aggressive caring advocate shepherd you through your Family Law case is essential to getting you the results you want and deserve. The most intelligent person around is out of his or her element when they walk into court.

I am committed to providing my clients aggressive caring legal representation.

Call me for a confidential consultation. Your discussion with me is protected by the attorney client privilege. (951) 781-8985

Practice Areas


Collaborative Divorce makes sense. Why?

Because contested divorces are financially disastrous. All divorces are costly because you lose the economy of scale in having to support two households rather than just one; however, collaborative divorce helps because it give you a fresh start without giving your life savings to attorneys.


Now, as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist along with my wife who is also now a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, we are able to bring a level of expertise in helping clients negotiate and resolve seemingly impossible impasses without having to hire lawyers and experts.

Child Custody Recommending Counseling Session

Mediation, now called "Child Custody Recommendation Counseling" (CCRC) largely determines the outcome of your child custody and visitation dispute. A favorable mediation recommendation in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties will make it much easier to present your position to the judicial officer who will make the final call on custody and visitation arrangements if the parties can't come to a compromise agreement (Orange County is a non-recommending County). Consider why. The Child Custody Recommending Counselor (CCRC) spends on average about an hour with the parents in a relatively relaxed (but professional) atmosphere which is basically conducive to open and honest discussion about the children. The judicial officer in contrast spends less than 20 minutes in an adversarial, quite formal context. This lends itself to the courts placing a fair amount of weight upon the CCRC's  recommendation.

On the other hand, an unfavorable mediation recommendation can be extremely prejudicial. Click Here to view the Tips to help You present Yourself and Your position to the Mediator.



Dr. Jim Husen has concluded his legal practice and is now committed to helping families and individuals with professional psychotherapy services, more details can be found at

Dr. Jim Says... Blog -- Click here for psychologically based meditations.

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Count the Cost


When people sue or have been sued it is both alarming and galling. This state of mind clouds clear thinking. Lawsuits are monetarily and emotionally expensive.  You need professional advice from one who will give you honest and wise advice.



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Jim Husen is no longer practicing law and has begun a new career in psychotherapy, his new offices are located at:

7177 Brockton Avenue, Ste. 218, Riverside CA

Tel:  (951) 781-8985


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